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I’ve Had It Up to Here with Teenagers

by Melinda Rainey Thompson


Be afraid, parents. Be very afraid. Whether you’re currently suffering through your teen’s angst-filled years, already made it through the war, or will one day be facing a time when your adorable toddler morphs into an obnoxious specimen of the teen persuasion, I’ve Had It Up to Here with Teenagers is a must-have. Teenagers might also get a kick out of Melinda Rainey Thompson’s book, although according to her they would express their approval by rolling their eyes and pronouncing it “doesn’t suck” before retreating to their iPhones.

Rainey Thompson, with her trademark Southern charm and saucy down-home lingo, takes a frank look at the moody, fridge-raiding prima donnas for whom she does mounds of laundry, chauffeurs around town and bakes endless pound cake. She leads by example, showing, not telling, her methods of taming these teenage beasts, and it’s a mighty welcome wake-up call to indulgent parents who simply want to be their children’s best friends instead of doing the hard work of being a parent.

It’s clear that Rainey Thompson loves her teenage children fiercely. (After all, she devoted an entire book to them.) But she cares about them enough to commit to raising them up into loving, responsible adults–which means she’s not always the most popular mom. Her exasperated children will thank her one day for teaching them how to dress appropriately and arrive home by curfew. We can thank her now because her tales of life with teens are horrifyingly uproarious. —Natalie Papailiou, author of blog MILF: Mother I’d Like to Friend

Discover: How Melinda Rainey Thomson handles her biggest challenge yet–her teenagers.

John F. Blair Publisher, $14.95 paperback, 9780895875693

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