Gossiping, Signing Books, and Mockingbirds

Thanks, Monroeville, Alabama! What an amazing turnout! I’m glad we could all squeeze in. Loved being with you at the Beehive on Thursday night! You people are FUN! Crissy Nettles knows how to throw a party; doesn’t she? The food, flowers, drinks–it was all so impressive. I had a WONDERFUL time. What an interactive group you were! You made my job a piece of cake. And to my new friend who made the key lime tarts: I ate SIX in the car on the way home and SIX for breakfast. DIVINE. Cheese straws. Homemade chicken salad sandwiches. Nobody does catering like a small town. Yum. This is the email I received from Crissy on the way down: “I’ve got the library ladies cooking, the Episcopal ladies wine shopping, the coffee pots and Sharpies ready to go.” That right there is when I knew this would be a great gig. Then I met Nathan at the courthouse and got my own special tour. I can die happy now. I have DONE Monroeville right. What a special place. Thanks for having me!



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5 responses to “Gossiping, Signing Books, and Mockingbirds

  1. Linda Rainey

    Papa and I enjoyed having you and Lily visit with us in Greenville on the way and back from the Monroeville event. Hope it works out again. Love you, Mom

  2. It was lovely to meet you, Melinda. My former teenagers are now young adults, and let me tell you this: You will forgive and forget a mulitude of adolescent nonsense when your kids give you grandbabies. The next phase is a GREAT gig!

  3. Make that a multitude. Anyway….

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