Mama Says:

imagesIn honor of Mother’s Day, here’s a list from my first book, SWAG: Southern Women Aging Gracefully. Enjoy!

  1. Date your friends. (You won’t have to divorce a stranger down the road.)
  2. Don’t burn your bridges. (It makes them awfully hot when you have to cross them later.)
  3. One day you won’t even remember his/her name. (You’ll just remember he/she was a jerk.)
  4. What goes around, comes around. (Sadly, this may take a while.)
  5. Wear sunscreen. (You will one day discover that you are not immortal.)
  6. A woman should dress her age. (Only two-year-olds are as young and cute as they think they are.)
  7. Be nice to old people. (With luck, you’ll get there soon enough.)
  8. Treat others as you would like to be treated. (Or you’ll likely get just what you deserve.)
  9. Think before you speak. (Saves lots of groveling later.)
  10. Chocolate never hurt anyone. (Recent big-money studies back this up.)
  11. Thank-you notes are important. (Every note you don’t write will be remembered.)
  12. Life isn’t fair. (And it’s a crying shame.)

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