Bestseller! Woohoo!

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Love waking up to the word “BESTSELLER” on my publisher’s web site this morning! I can’t wait to hear what YOU think! This is my favorite part of the book process–when you tell me what chapters, lines, and words resonate with you and your life. That’s why I write! Get to work on those online book reviews for Amazon, Goodreads, etc., or give me your feedback on social media at my facebook fan page, mrtswag@twitter, or contact me through my author web site at I have lots of speaking events coming up, so I hope to see you over the next few months!


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2 responses to “Bestseller! Woohoo!

  1. Llinda Rainey

    Mel, my friend told me she loved reading your new book and was intrigued by the depth it offered about your thoughts.

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  2. Chris Villa

    Couldn’t be happier for you. Well deserved. Love the book, as usual. 

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