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Letter to My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher


Below is an excerpt from my first book, SWAG: Southern Women Aging Gracefully. It was written about my son, Warner, now a sophomore in college. Some of it is still true! I’m posting in honor of my favorite day of the year: The first day of school! Mimosas for breakfast! Happy fall, y’all!

I am entrusting my oldest child to your care. He has a tender heart. I think you are lucky to spend the better part of every day with him. His siblings and I will miss him. Here are some of the things you should know.

  1. He is sad when it is not a school day.
  2. He would rather read books than eat candy.
  3. He has the negotiating skills of a Middle Eastern diplomat.
  4. He is kind.
  5. He loves babies.
  6. He can hack his way into NASA on the computer.
  7. He will be close to death before he will admit being injured.
  8. He has the verbal skills of an Ivy League graduate, but he has just learned to tie his shoes.
  9. When he is invited to a party, he saves part of the candy from his treat bag for his little brother.
  10. He loves knights, pirates, and cowboys.
  11. His feelings are easily hurt.
  12. Don’t debate theology with him. He has humbled priests far and wide.
  13. He has a broad musical repertoire, which includes the Beatles, Jerry Lee Lewis, and the Hallelujah chorus.
  14. He is very patriotic and will correct you if you miss any words to “The Star Spangled Banner.” He is the only 5 year old    who knows what “ramparts” are.
  15. He can sound out any word, so if you wouldn’t say it, don’t spell it.
  16. He has an Old Testament sense of justice.
  17. He is excited to try new things.
  18. He has hair untamed by any brush.
  19. He responds well to praise.
  20. He has friends of all ages.
  21. He has an unfettered imagination
  22. He thinks fine dining involves macaroni and cheese.
  23. He loves museums, concerts, and movies.
  24. He believe anything is possible and is impressed Santa knows his size.
  25. He was loved before he was born.
  26. He will remember you for the rest of his life.


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