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Things I Love About Summer

1. I love the smell of sunscreen and of wet swimsuits drying.

2. I love the clink of ice in a glass of freshly made lemonade and the smell of my hands after I pick homegrown mint leaves for iced tea.

3. I love even thinking about napping on a porch under a ceiling fan with the sound of water lapping nearby.

4. I love that there are fewer schedules and agendas that require my attention.

5. I love the feel of beach sand between my toes and salt spray on my lips.

6. I love that I can finally read the stack of books I have waiting in the wings without feeling too guilty.

7. I love to arrange sunflowers and zinnias in my bare feet.

8. I love to ride in the car with the windows rolled down and the air conditioner on full blast.

9. I love that in August when the air is suffocating and thick, signs of fall begin to appear like lifelines into a new season.

Does this list seem familiar? It’s an excerpt from my first book, Southern Women Aging Gracefully.


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