Brand-New, Every Friday, A New Feature: ASK MELINDA

My wonderful editors at John F. Blair, publisher, had a fun idea. What do you think of a new feature on my blog called “Ask Melinda”? (I’d really like a catchier title; send me suggestions!) Every week, I’ll answer a question from you. You can ask me anything. As a Southern woman, I’m bound to have an opinion on it! I’m naturally bossy. I come from a long line of bossy women, in fact. My mother is bossy. My grandmother was bossy. When the Blair folks asked, “How would you like to write an advice column?” I could not wait to jump on that with both of my expensively shod feet. Since I write humorous, non-fiction essays, every topic I tackle (I’m still going to post longer essays, and I’m writing those books as fast as I can!) comes from my very ordinary daily life. I’m a writer, a mother of three teens, a wife–I wear a lot of hats, just like most of you. I have found that a lot of interesting things happen when I’m out there doing very ordinary things. How about you? When my new book, I’ve Had It Up To Here With Teenagers, comes out in April, I know you’re going to want to engage in some Q&A. Start thinking! Send in those questions! I’d love to hear from you. I’m  interested in your life, too!


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2 responses to “Brand-New, Every Friday, A New Feature: ASK MELINDA

  1. Karen Baggett

    In the book that you have coming out in April, did you happen to change the teenager’s names… protect the guilty?…..Just asking…..

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